Snehadeep Trust for the disabled runs Computer and Soft Skill Training Centres
for the poor blind (visually impaired) students hailing from rural Karnataka. There
are two residential facilities wherein students stay and study. Text books are
printed using a Braille Embosser Machine. There are 140 students studying
currently and all of them require Books made with Braille Sheets. Braille Sheets
are quite expensive. The organization depends on donations from the well-
wishers and philanthropists for even for day to day expenses. In the residential
facilities students are provided with hot meals, uniforms, accommodation and
computers. The facilities in Bangalore and Ranibennur run on rented premises
wherein monthly rentals have risen steeply in the recent past. Hence, it becomes
financially difficult for the organization to buy Braille Sheets on a regular basis.


Regular supply of Braille sheets will help the students to print Text Books,
Lecture Notes, Practical Work Books etc. As the students have examinations
frequently, it becomes important that they have all the study materials & text
books ready all time. Regular supply of Braille Sheets will be possible only when
the donors donate for purchase of Braille Sheets as and when required. The
requirement is huge as they need 400 bundles of sheets every year @ Rs 2100 per bundle (1000 sheets) so, the organization depends the on the kind-hearted
donors to help them buy Braille Sheets.


Snehadeep Trust for the Disabled has successfully helped around 1500 Blind
persons have jobs in Banking, Software Technology, Call Centers, State and
Central Govt. organizations in the past 21 years of its services to the society. By
donating Braille sheets, you will be making a big difference in the lives of those
poor blind students. Your timely support and donations will help those 140
students have secured and permanent employments.