Snehadeep Trust for the Disabled was established in 1999 by three highly motivated graduates, all visually impaired, who had a strong desire to help people with disabilities experience the life opportunities for which they had to fight so hard to obtain.

The principal goals of Snehadeep are to provide accommodation, education, training and assistance with personal development to both the visually impaired and physically challenged. In recent years, the organization has grown and now extends its activities to shelter not only those with physical disability but also children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Snehadeep's approach to the empowerment and advancement of challenged individuals has always been holistic. Snehadeep has long acknowledged the importance of Information Technology and its role in enabling challenged individuals to participate in education and work and employment on a more equal basis.

One major goal was to establish a residential computer training centre. This goal was realized in April 2009 when Snehadeep started a free residential computer training course for the visually and physically challenged. A large number of students have benefitted from this. Training is also provided in the areas of motivation, personal development, confidence building and communication skills.

From 15th April 2009, in addition to offering the regular courses, Snehadeep invited key personalities from different fields of expertise to provide special coaching in leadership, motivation, communication in English and computer studies.

These included Mr. Rajdeep (Head of the Department of Commerce and Accountancy, Mahaveer Jain College) who is visually challenged and Mr Yogi Annish(Corporate Trainer and expert in advocacy, yoga and leadership). Volunteers from the Rotary Club also devoted many hours to teaching students at the centre. Snehadeep has also taken an integrated education project to benefit 76 hearing-impaired, mentally challenged and physically challenged students. This project is spread across six government and aided schools.