• Integrated Education for the Disabled is a Government Project where a team of our resource teachers, who are qualified with special education, identify the disabled children studying in different intergrated schools (for inclusive edcation) and provide teaching service to them. Necessary aids and equipment, free books, uniform and other stationary materials are also provided.

  • At Snehadeep, we have 70 children under the Integrated Education scheme and four teachers. Under this programme, the students are taught computer training, English communication, leadership qualities, motivation and confidence building courses. We also work toward finding suitable jobs for the students once they complete the course.

  • Snehadeep Trust for the Disabled conducted a programme to distribute aids and equipments to the differently abled on 9th of Sept. Snehadeep supports hundreds of disabled high school children who are all mentally, hearing, visually and orthopidic challenged.

  • We distributedbe wheel chairs, hearing aids, tricycles, lences and electronic walking canes [talking canes] apart from distributing books, uniforms and stationary to hundreds of high school disabled children supported by Snehadeep.

  • The aids and equipments is being sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Geetha Nagendra of Hong Kong in the memory of B K Narayana Rao and Indiramma and by JCI Silicon City Bangalore

  • We extensively user JAWS [Job Access With Speech], a screen reading software to teach the vissually challenged.