• Prakruti Snehi is a waste management and recycle programme that Snehadeep started in 2009. The mission of this programme is "To work towards a waste-free environment with management being the only solution for safe, scientific and eco-friendly disciplinary on efficient usage of the resources available."

  • Snehadeep has launched a paper collection drive as part of this mission. It collects newspapers, shredded paper, cartons, A4 size sheets, old magazines, used books (text and note books), plastic materials and other inorganic products. These are given to recycling units and proceeds from them are utilized for funding Snehadeep activities. A part of papers are used as a Braille sheets for the visually challenged students.

  • Snehadeep plans to expand this program and generate employment for the disabled. Currently, Snehadeep is operating this program across companies and generating revenue on a monthly basis and providing employment to many disabled people.